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Global Yoga Alliance is an international, professional and normative Yoga promotion organization. Collaboration units and members are all over many countries and regions in the world. They have established good cooperation and exchanges with international Yoga academic departments and institutions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, France, Britain, the United States and Australia. They have held many large-scale international Yoga conferences and competitions at all levels, and have become promoters and promoters of international yoga.
Global Yoga Alliance is one of the most authoritative international Yoga groups at present. Its purpose is to exchange and promote the cause of yoga worldwide, train and certify professional yoga coaches and instructors, and explore the latest information and developments of yoga.
Global Yoga Alliance brings together a group of senior yoga instructors from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, India, Australia and China. The instructors all have international senior yoga instructors'qualifications and profound academic background and skills. And many times with the Western European Union of Yogis Association, Indian International Yoga Institute, Singapore Yoga Association and other authoritative institutions of the world Yoga academic exchanges, so that it has a set of 100 long yoga education system, thus gathering rich experience in yoga teaching, laying a solid foundation for the training of professional, regular, high-level Yoga coaches and mentors, for the yoga industry training. A large number of professional talents have promoted the healthy development of international and regional yoga cause.