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The Beauty of Yoga
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Colorful yoga, popular debut, take you into the hall of dreams; the more healthy, the more beautiful, the more practicing powder absorption.

Brief Introduction

Global Yoga Alliance is an international, professional and normative Yoga promotion organization. Collaboration units and members are all over many countries and regions in the world. They have established good cooperation and exchanges with international Yoga academic departments and institutions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, France, Britain, the United States and Australia. They have held many large-scale international Yoga conferences and competitions at all levels, and have becom ...
Global Yoga Alliance
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The Beauty of Yoga

Entering the world of yoga, we have entered a healthy, noble and joyful journey.

News and Information

Yoga gives you beauty, half perseverance, half perception.

  • Industry News

    1. Yoga Loss Weight These You Need to Know

      Many women are yoga fans, yoga has been giving people relaxation, relief, release the effect of stress, but can it really lose weight? In fact, not all yoga can lose weight, only the right genre can achieve their own weight loss purposes. Here are som...

      2019/06/28 Label:
    2. Women's Yoga arm was broken off and the gym was sen

      China Consumer Daily, Shanghai News (Reporter Liu Hao) Ms. Sun, a Shanghai consumer, brought a lawsuit against the gym in court for her left upper arm fracture due to improper coaching during yoga practice in the gym. Recently, the People's Court of J...

      2019/06/28 Label:
  • Yoga Information

    1. The 172-centimeter-tall beauty loves yoga and has c

      Nowadays, many people are very concerned about their health. Whether you are poor or rich, a healthy body is what everyone wants to have. As long as you are healthy, you can create unlimited possibilities and have everything. Now you must b...

      2019/06/28 Label:
    2. Why do you choose a yoga gym instead of a gym?

      1. The environment yoga hall practice environment is quiet and comfortable, everyone is silent and condensate, can create a peaceful mentality for practitioners, help to reduce psychological pressure. 2. The course will also have some yoga studios whi...

      2019/06/28 Label:
  • Common problem

    1. Why do our knees always "get hurt" when p

      It is normal for Xiaobian to comfort himself with knee pain when he first touches yoga. He disdains knee sensitivity and does not realize how vulnerable it is. Seeing that not many people in the yoga hall use yoga aids, I also thought: no one else doe...

      2019/06/28 Label: yoga 
    2. Because anxiety is going mad? Ten yoga postures tea

      What is anxiety? Generally speaking, anxiety disorder is a mental disorder caused by fear, worry, anxiety, tension, etc. These emotions may affect our daily behavior, for a long time, and even damage our health. Mild anxiety generally has no ser...

      2019/06/28 Label:


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