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Summary of the Constitution
(1) Signs:
(2) Global Yoga Alliance is an international and regional sports community, representing the Asia-Pacific region to participate in the international and regional joint organizations organized by the International Yoga Federation and other international yoga organizations. The association is voluntarily formed by yoga fans in Asia-Pacific and the world.
(3) Global Yoga Alliance abides by the national constitution, laws and regulations, and social morality. The purpose is to promote and improve human life and health, promote national unity and friendship, exchange Yoga Culture and develop yoga culture.
(4) Global Yoga Alliance is under the leadership and supervision of government departments at all levels.
(5) Global Yoga Alliance is headquartered in Malaysia. Because of its international relations, it can also be established in countries in the Asia-Pacific region and other countries in the world.
(6) Global Yoga Alliance includes activities such as yoga training, yoga fitness, Yoga competitions and yoga performances.
Constitution II Association Structure
(1) The supreme authority of Global Yoga Alliance is the Congress of its members.
(2) Global Yoga Alliance has a Council and a standing council.
(3) Global Yoga Alliance has four branches, namely, the Yoga Member Department, the Yoga Training Department, the Yoga Promotion Department and the Yoga Equipment Management Department.
(4) The heads of the above-mentioned institutions and departments shall be elected and removed by the members'congresses as chairmen and standing members. The person in charge of the Department in charge shall be elected and appointed by the Council and the Standing Council.
Work of the Third Association of Articles of Association
(1) Global Yoga Alliance carries out exchanges of Yoga Culture Development between countries and regions. Studying the traditional yoga culture, through scientific methods, will develop the traditional yoga culture, and make contributions to human life and health.
(2) Global Yoga Alliance will focus on international and regional yoga activities, performances, competitions, fitness and training.
(3) Through the exchange of yoga culture, Global Yoga Alliance will enhance the friendship and relationship between international and regional people, and call on people to love life, life and health.
(4) Global Yoga Alliance integrates many yoga talents and Yoga Culture to research and develop the training, performance, competition planning, planning and management of yoga.
(5) Global Yoga Alliance actively supports relevant yoga activities, yoga performances, training and competitions in the exchange of Yoga Culture and the development of yoga undertakings. It also evaluates and approves relevant Yoga talent skills, equipment and facilities.
(6) Global Yoga Alliance forms a Yoga Skills Training Assessment Group to certify the skills of training coaches. Qualified persons will authorize relevant units to issue certificates and register.
(7) Global Yoga Alliance guides and regulates the health industry related to the development of yoga.
(8) Global Yoga Alliance will publicize Yoga health campaigns through various legitimate media, such as television, radio, newspapers and so on.
(9) Global Yoga Alliance conducts healthy psychological guidance and physical training for the vast number of yoga fans and members.
(10): Global Yoga Alliance will integrate global yoga information, analyze the latest developments of yoga, integrate traditional yoga culture with today's science and technology, and tell people the most healthy and advanced way of yoga fitness. In order to promote the continuous development of this cause.
Charter IV Association and Members
(1) The members of Global Yoga Alliance are international and regional groups and individuals who love yoga. Members have equal status and participate in the work of the association.
(2) Members applying for membership should be voluntary and non-commercial.
(3) Members shall support the articles of association and pay dues in accordance with the regulations. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association.
(4) After consultation, the decision of the association shall be made, and the members shall conscientiously maintain and implement it.
(5) Members of associations are strictly forbidden to do anything harmful to society by means of individuals and groups, and to break the law and discipline. Otherwise, members of associations will be expelled immediately.
(6) Members should regularly report to the association on their work and submit their plans and measures for yoga fitness activities. At the same time, we can consult the association about the development of Yoga technology and other related issues.
(7) The members of the board of directors and the board of directors of the association may be democratically recommended, elected and dismissed by the general assembly of the members of the association.
Constitution 5 Entry and Withdrawal
(1) Voluntary membership.
(2) To submit a written application for membership to the association before joining.
(3) After discussion and approval by the board of directors, the relevant institutions authorized by the board or the board of directors shall issue membership certificates and register them.
(4) The time required for the above work shall not exceed 30 days.
(5) If the association does not participate in its activities for many times without reason, the board of directors will decide to withdraw from the association automatically and cancel its membership at the same time.
(6) Members who do not pay their dues for more than one year shall be deemed to withdraw from the association automatically. At the same time, its membership is cancelled.