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Because anxiety is going mad? Ten yoga postures teach you ho

2019-06-28 22:28:09 admin
What is anxiety?
Generally speaking, anxiety disorder is a mental disorder caused by fear, worry, anxiety, tension, etc.
These emotions may affect our daily behavior, for a long time, and even damage our health. Mild anxiety generally has no serious consequences, but excessive anxiety can have a serious impact on our daily life.
It's normal for people to feel uneasy and anxious when facing challenges, but if this emotion starts to affect your normal life and work, the problem may not be so simple. In short: Anxiety disorders arise when the situation you encounter does not match the emotions you create.
So how does yoga help us treat anxiety disorders?
Yoga can stretch the body, stimulate the secretion of different hormones in the body, and help the recovery of the nervous system. Stretching exercises during yoga practice can relax our body and mind. It's like your body is releasing all the tension trapped between the muscles. In addition, the rehabilitative effect of yoga on the nervous system is that it can stimulate the brain to release an "euphoric substance" - endorphin, which is commonly called "happy hormone". With all that said, you're certainly more curious about how yoga can help us relieve stress and drive away anxiety. Here are some simple yoga postures that you can start with.
1: Camel style
Camel can make the body get a good stretch, not only can release pressure but also promote the whole body blood circulation, blood circulation can bring enough oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body cells, thus healing our body, mind and spirit. This posture is excellent for relieving anxiety!

2: Bridge type
In this pose, the whole body needs to be arched, which not only extends the chest, neck and spine, but also helps calm the mind and relieve stress. If you find signs of anxiety, try this pose.
3: Beam angle
This position is easy to learn and most people can do it. It extends the medial thigh muscles and groin area. Bundle angle can be used as breathing control and meditation posture. When you meditate, your mood gradually calms down and your anxiety and stress will naturally decrease. So it has a certain effect on alleviating anxiety.
4: Back stretch
This position requires sitting with legs straight, upper body bent forward and body as close to the legs as possible. Seemingly simple, it can stretch almost every part of your body, adjust your heart, body and spirit. Make you happy. When you do this pose, you need to understand the main points of its action with your heart, empty your brain, get rid of worries, and enjoy the beauty it brings you.
5: Cane
The main purpose of this pose is to help you develop your core strength. It's not difficult, but you need to put your heart and soul into this pose while practicing, feel the changes it brings to your body, improve your core strength, stretch your spine, relax your brain and release pressure. This posture is a basic one. You can use the cane posture as an introductory posture for Yoga stress relief.
6: Triangular extension
This pose is characterized by the fact that the trunk of the body moves to one side during triangulation, so the center of gravity must be pushed in the opposite direction to help maintain balance in this pose. Although it is a simple posture, the distortion and stretching involved in its movements help to release anxiety and calm the mind and body.
7: Cat Bow Back Style
This posture stretches your spine completely and works better with breathing. This posture can promote blood circulation, keep the spine flexible and strong, and make the body more flexible. Not only does it have a good therapeutic effect on the body, but it is also good for controlling stress.
8: Baby Style
Baby posture is a very suitable reverse posture after back bending and other intense postures. It is also the best relaxation method during rest. It helps to stretch, stretch and relax the back muscles. This posture imitates the gesture of the fetus in the maternal body and makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. It is said that this posture can provide spiritual, spiritual and emotional comfort to the body, create positive emotions, bring you back the innocence of childhood, and help you abandon all distractions.
9: Bow
This posture belongs to the recumbent posture. Actions are like curved bows, so they are called bows. This posture can fully stretch and open shoulder, chest and neck, strengthen abdominal muscles, strengthen thigh strength, eliminate back fat, and promote cell activity of endocrine glands, normal secretion of hormones, thus reducing stress and anxiety.
10: The corpse style
The corpse pose is the best way to relieve anxiety, stress and spirit. It not only rests the body, but also relaxes the brain and soul. It can bring people relaxed, comfortable and quiet enjoyment. When you have done a lot of yoga exercises involving stretching, twisting, contracting or inverting in front of you, doing this pose at the end can help your body recover quickly. Even a short period of time can relax the most neglected parts of your body. In addition, yoga can provide a lot of neuromuscular information for the nervous system, and corpse posture can help you quickly integrate these information before the brain is busy with daily stress.
If you practice yoga regularly, you will find how soothing it is. Your life will be lighter, less anxious and less stressful because of it. If you want to get rid of anxiety disorder, start with these 10 asanas. Gradually, you will find that the above poses can no longer meet your physical and mental needs, because yoga practice can be addictive oh!