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Why do our knees always "get hurt" when practicing

2019-06-28 22:43:07 admin
It is normal for Xiaobian to comfort himself with knee pain when he first touches yoga. He disdains knee sensitivity and does not realize how vulnerable it is. Seeing that not many people in the yoga hall use yoga aids, I also thought: no one else does, how silly I am!
Well, I'm sure that's what many beginners of yoga will encounter.
Because those strange shape accessories really make people wonder how to use them, where to use them and when to use them. Can't you just do yoga seriously? Later, as I practiced more, I began to understand why.
Xiaobian would like to mention: at first you just touched yoga aids, feel strange and uncomfortable to use, this is normal, just like the first time you meet with it, you need to try to understand each other. Once you're familiar with it, then it's time for you and it to enter the "dating" stage. In other words, you have to work together to complete yoga exercises, especially when it comes to knee movements.
Since the focus is on the knee, the following edition emphasizes: when you practice yoga, when you encounter the following five postures, you need to pay special attention to protecting the knee, if necessary, with the use of aids. If you think that knee support is infinite, you're wrong. In addition, here will be repeated mention of a very high frequency accessory: yoga mat.
1:Anjaneyasana Low Start
This posture is a great posture, it can mobilize body flexibility, balance and enhance core strength at the same time; the disadvantage of this posture is that it is easy to injure the knee. No matter how thick the yoga mat is, or how heavy the knee feels. I wonder if other little friends feel the same way? Therefore, whether you do a simple start, twist, or lizard pose, you must choose a comfortable yoga mat to use.
2: Table top postures
Table posture is like a cat. It needs to support the body with limbs and use the core strength of the abdomen to make the whole body firm. In yoga class, it is often necessary to build up the core strength, just as it is important to practice yoga every day. More importantly, in table style, your whole body weight is on your knees, so you must regulate your movements. Protect your knees. At this time, a yoga mat can effectively reduce the damage of knee articular cartilage on the ground.
3: Camel pose
Camel style can be described as love and hate for some yoga practitioners. Although it can help us stretch and strengthen the spine, promote blood circulation, release pressure, and make us feel relaxed, it can make you breathless, back pain cramps and knee pain unbearable if you don't do it well. Although the first two are difficult to control, we can protect our knees very well. It's time to send a yoga mat to help you.
4: Balasana Baby Style
Baby pose is a common posture in almost all yoga genres. It is also our familiar and favorite yoga posture. Baby style makes people feel the warmth and security of the family. This gesture can give people spiritual and emotional comfort. It can help you abandon all miscellaneous thoughts and appreciate the beauty of physical, mental and spiritual unity. But! If you do this position on the cold floor, you can't experience the wonderful experiences mentioned above. It's no different from a bear lying on the ground in the wild. So I want to remind yoga enthusiasts that in order to practice yoga well, open all parts of our body, and solve the problems of knees and other parts, we should first lay a soft and comfortable yoga mat.
5: Pigeon pose pigeon style
Pigeon pose belongs to sitting yoga posture. It strengthens the curve of thighs and calves, makes the curve strong and elastic, and makes the posture very beautiful. It makes people have a great sense of accomplishment immediately. But when doing this, we should bend our knees as much as possible, and the patella at the knee should bear a lot of pressure, so that we can make standard movements. You may wonder why yoga is so unfair to the knee, but there's no way. All we can do is prepare, lay a yoga blanket under our feet, or a yoga mat, and change the wrong habit of practicing yoga before.
Yogis, whether you are at home or in a yoga studio, don't be shy of using yoga AIDS because you are lazy or afraid of being laughed at. The purpose of these AIDS is to help you complete Yoga better and more standard, and protect your body from harm. Especially to protect our knees which are the heaviest loaded when we exercise.

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