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Yoga Loss Weight These You Need to Know

2019-06-28 22:42:04 admin
Many women are yoga fans, yoga has been giving people relaxation, relief, release the effect of stress, but can it really lose weight? In fact, not all yoga can lose weight, only the right genre can achieve their own weight loss purposes. Here are some tips for Yoga weight loss, you must know.
No matter what you do, perseverance is the first key. It's impossible to lose meat in one yoga class a week, but it's possible to lose weight three or more times a week. Like any principle of physical motion, it is better to stick to a small amount of regular motion than a large number of occasional movements. For people who want to use yoga to lose weight, it is the kingdom to integrate yoga into their daily life. Yoga is not limited to equipment and venues, so you can do it in the morning, noon and evening, five to seven days a week!
Focus on the posture of strength training
Yoga has so many different postures that you can use acrobatic postures to help your body recover and relax, but if your goal is to lose weight, focus more on strength training postures. Try flat or side flat support. Berns says that soldiers'postures are the best choices for people who want to lose weight, such as soldier's 1st, 2nd and 3rd postures, and triangles (as shown in figure), stretching sideways and half-moon postures.
Streaming yoga poses that increase heart rate by concentrating on exercises
Yoga has many schools, from Iyengar to Bikram, from Svaroopa to Vinyasa. Before choosing the best Yoga for you, try at least three different schools and teachers. We feel that Vinyasa Stream Yoga is the most effective way to increase heart rate and bring about weight loss.
You can't practice yoga hungry
The energy consumed by fasting yoga comes from fat, not muscle, and if you practice after meals, it often comes from the carbohydrates you just eat. Must let the body get energy from the stored fat, in order to maximize fat loss. However, it should be noted that an empty stomach is not equal to hunger. If you feel hungry, you can drink some milk, honey and other liquid food before practicing. Do not exercise when you are hungry, otherwise it will cause harm to your body.
Practice in a quiet and well-ventilated room
Indoor gout, the air to be fresh, can freely inhale oxygen. You can also practice outdoors, but in a pleasant environment, such as a garden, do not practice in windy, cold or dirty, smoky air. Do not practice near furniture, stove or any place that hinders practice, in order to avoid accidents, especially when doing head-to-hand handstand, do not practice under the fan.
Warming up is very important
Every sport is the same. Don't do difficult movements at the beginning, so as not to cause sports injury. It's better to do some yoga warm-up exercises first, step by step, to avoid frightening the body.