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Zhang Huilan

2019-06-29 15:07:20 admin

Zhang Huilan, the Mother of Yoga in Contemporary China
In China, whenever the word "yoga" is mentioned, the figure of Huilan appears in people's minds. Therefore, Teacher Huilan has also been cordially called "the mother of contemporary Chinese yoga".
Out of selfless love, Huilan is willing to share yoga with others, and has never sought self-interest from it. She always said, "Since I accepted this wonderful gift of Yoga more than 30 years ago, I have put myself in the position of serving you all, and I want to share yoga with the Chinese people. This is the only way for me to express my gratitude to the revered teacher Bai Zhongyan." Huilan decided to use television as the best way to achieve her wish. So she began the arduous task of producing first-class yoga TV series for the Chinese people.