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Why do you choose a yoga gym instead of a gym?

2019-06-28 22:08:51 admin
1. Environment
Yoga gymnasium practice environment is quiet and comfortable, everyone is silent and condensate, can create a peaceful mentality for practitioners, help to alleviate psychological pressure.

2. Courses
There will also be some yoga studios that are targeted to start characteristic yoga courses, specializing in two or three types of yoga courses, such delicate courses can sometimes be considered and understood.
Practice will also have a distinction between primary, intermediate and advanced courses. You can choose yoga exercises that are suitable for you according to the length of your practice time and your physical condition.
Most yoga classes only have normal temperature classes, there are no more professional yoga classes, most of them do not have assistant tools for practice, students with poor foundation can not guarantee orthotopic practice.
Most gym classes share a classroom with yoga. Dust and dirt can't be avoided. Few gyms have separate yoga classrooms. Because a classroom can have different classes, people don't have the habit of taking off their shoes when they enter and leave the classroom. Many students wear shoes in and out of the classroom, and the floor can't be kept clean.
Yoga hall has a special yoga classroom, private yoga classroom, relatively clean and tidy environment, entering the classroom are required to take off shoes, to give you a clean environment just like our clean heart.
Gymnasium gymnasium is larger, a class is less than 20 or 30 people, more than 60 or 70 people, for coaches, many people are unfamiliar, it can not be targeted, coaches in front of the speech, only see their voice, can only see through the layers of body gap demonstration action, such practice can only be called "drawing cats and tigers", the real benefits of posture practice is not obvious.
Ask each member's physical condition carefully, and take care of the weaker people in the course arrangement, such as shoulder and neck problems, intervertebral disc problems, etc.

Yoga instructors in yoga halls are more long-term and professional, with full-time yoga instructors and regular part-time yoga instructors.
Because of the large number of students in the gym, the teacher is not clear about the situation of each student. In order to take care of the students at each stage, the teacher can only do some more elementary choreography, let alone lead the students to a higher level.
Gymnasium is a comprehensive sports venue. There are many kinds of gymnastics courses to choose, but at last, we will find that we can only choose one type of sports to adhere to.
It's also 3-4 exercises a week. You can choose different kinds of yoga to practice. The emphasis is also different.
So when you choose where to practise yoga, you don't need to be confused. Just go to a professional yoga gym and follow the professional yoga teacher. In a natural and quiet environment, under the correct guidance, you can safely start your yoga path.