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Breathing the root of yoga!

Yoga comes from life, from the existence of breathing.
The state of interdependence is the essence of yoga.
Breathing is the foundation of yoga.Posture is the expression of life.
The balance between movement and quietness, Yin and yang, strength and softness.
Experience the essence of life and consciousness from time to time.
As you breathe, your body responds to every moment of change.
Breathing drives the body, not only the transformation of posture, but also the most perfect combination of the heart and the present.
With breath to stretch the body, with breath to wash the mind, calm, calm, so that thinking gradually clear, clear heart.
The breath is so silent that people often forget its existence.
If there is no breathing to drive the posture, all the movements can only stay in the field of the body.
Easy to let the heart produce worry such as calculating, competition, anxiety and so on.
When breathing is used to drive posture, it is the most beautiful external performance.
The combination of breath and body is the combination of mind and present.
The body moves with each yoga movement, without comparison, but obeys the heart and enjoys the body's movements. Breathing leads us into inner tranquility in the flow and enjoys the joy of being at will. To perceive your heart and body and experience the purity of the present consciousness. Accept the body naturally, comfortably accept the heart, no longer struggle, no longer extravagant hope, put down persistence, come with joy.
To give up and get is the great wisdom of life.
It's easy to put it down and relax.Inner simplicity, body relaxation, people will be happy!Yoga breathing is a heart-following process.There is no best or better, only obedience to the joy of the heart!All the complicated clothes are just clouds outside.
Yoga is to enjoy this simple, relaxed, natural happiness!When you take nature as an attitude towards life, you will find that not persistent is not equal to not working hard!Enjoy and cherish the present, the true beauty of life will come! Look at it with childlike eyes, to find the surprise of each practice; let's smile and enjoy the joy of body and mind in every breath.
Yoga breathing is a door.A door through your body into your mind,A door to deep relaxation, inner peace, love and joy.