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The Essence of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest Oriental fitness techniques, which originated in India and spread throughout the world. Yoga practice can focus and calm the scattered spirit, first focusing on physical fitness, and then requiring physical and mental integration. On this basis, guide the practitioner into the realm of Supreme perfection. In the process of yoga practice, the practitioner gradually deepens his inner spirit, from outside to inside, from feeling spirit, reason, and then to consciousness, and finally grasps the integration of self and inner spirit, so as to achieve the unity of heaven and man, and finally your temperament will be significantly improved from inside to outside. 
The essence of Yoga lies in the harmony between nature and body, which emphasizes the spirit of peace of mind and transcendence without struggle with the world. Modern society has a fast pace of life. Human beings are often in a sub-healthy state, with irregular diet, high competitive pressure, heavy workload, many family trifles and complicated interpersonal relationships. All of these lead to the vicious circle of circuitous life.
Yoga needs the combination of external environment and internal environment to achieve a yoga mood, saying "mood" rather than "exercise", because yogis think that it gives us a kind of leisure practice, a kind of comfort from muscle to mind.
Nowadays, the world is no longer a time when fat or thin is the beauty. The theme of life is health. In the view of yoga, health is the combination of mind and nature, and the process of trying to enjoy perfection. Regardless of your body shape, after practicing yoga for a period of time, you will find that your mood is gradually peaceful and peaceful, your body is flexible, and your muscles are tense.
Maybe, like me, you don't have much time or experience. But as long as you spend an hour every day doing yoga, exercising and beautifying your mood, the wonderful feeling will spread all over your body. 
Your soul will follow your body, slowly calm down in this complex and messy life, and retain a piece of pure land of your mind, precipitation and elegance, which is the essence of yoga.