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Slim waist Yoga door latch

Slim waist yoga with latch type can easily eliminate fat on waist circumference line, nourish and strengthen abdominal muscles, organs, waist, abdomen and diaphragm area, and make spinal nerve vigorous and vigorous. Helps eliminate stiffness and stiffness in the back. In the left and right torsion, the deflection of the femoral joint is corrected by the opposite load. If the left and right sides exercise in the same posture, in the case of pelvic or femoral joint skew, there will certainly be a side of the exercise more difficult, can be specifically targeted at this side of the correction training.
1. Exercise methods
(1) Stand on your knees, legs together, thighs perpendicular to the ground, arms naturally droop.
(2) Extend the right foot to the right, in a straight line with the left knee, and raise both arms on both sides, parallel to the ground.
(3) Exhale, lift the left arm up perpendicular to the ground, and look at the end of the left finger, tilt the right arm and upper body to the right.
(4) The left arm drives the right side of the body to stretch, and the right hand slides down along the right leg to the ankle to feel the stretch on the left side of the body.
(5) The upper body is slightly raised, the left arm is rounded from behind, placed at the root of the right thigh, and the head turns left. Keep it for a moment, then practice on the other side.
2. Exercise site: waist and body balance line.
3. Number of exercises: 3-5 times per week, 4 groups per time.