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Shoulder-buckled Hump

Through the six movement directions of shoulder joint, yoga's back bend can make trapezius contraction, which will make thoracic shoulder, hunchback, breathing will be improved. At the same time, gradually say goodbye to the stiffness of neck and shoulder, showing the swan neck perfectly.
Slender waist circumference of transverse abdomen muscle-waistline
Through yoga's dynamic twist and muscle harness, we can activate transverse abdominal muscle, the deepest abdominal muscle, to achieve the core of intensive exercises, better matching postures to activate the internal oblique abdomen and external oblique abdomen, so as to achieve the goal of shaping waist circumference curve.
Gluteus maximus honey peach buttock-thigh
The gluteus maximus is the largest of the four major muscles outside the pelvis. We can activate the gluteus maximus through a series of hip opening postures, so that the gluteus medius muscle is more powerful, so that the muscles can be lifted up, showing the curve of the hip waist, and extending the trunk to show the graceful thighs.
Shaping the outline of the face to look good
The dredging of the kidney meridian and the liver meridian will make the face ruddy and colorful. We can use some inverted or inverted three-dimensional style to make blood wash away our body and rush back to the face, skull and brain nerves. At the same time, facial muscles can also fight gravity, reducing wrinkles and looking better.
Opening shoulder and strengthening chest curve
The abduction and adduction of shoulder and arm movements can extend pectoralis minor muscle and prevent round shoulder, strengthen pectoralis major muscle and expand chest. At the same time, this exercise will directly make the chest lines more compact and firm.